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Hi All,

After seeing several of our classmates recently and talking about getting together, I wanted to see how many of you might be interested.

We talked about scheduling a dinner where we could meet in a fairly central location (Raleigh). But before I make reservations, I need to hear from you to try to get an estimate of how many people would like to come. I am thinking maybe the wine cellar or a private room at The Angus Barn or a private room at Second Empire, or somewhere else if you have suggestions.

I am looking at possibly Saturday, September 10th or Saturday October 15th. Please RSVP by July 11th if you can come and what date works the best for you.

Look forward to seeing you soon!






Joe Garner  8/17
David Parsons  8/17
Rhett Bennett  8/18
Treda Berry  8/19
Bill Ferguson  8/19
Johnny Kelley  8/20
Bruce Akers  8/21
Mary Kelly  8/21
Steve Sutton  8/27
Buddy Creech  8/28
Roger Badrock  8/30
John Allen  9/6
Roy Smith  9/9
Joel Adams  9/10