In Memory

Bill Wagstaff

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01/17/09 11:10 AM #3    

Jean Ussery

You're right Lou Ellen, I've always remembered him. Bill and I had different friends, but whenever we were seated alphbetically, he was always beside or behind me. At the time he died, I remember thinking that only old people are supposed to die.

I had to drive past the cemetery where he's buried every day going home from school. More than once I turned in there and drove past his grave. Somehow, that helped me come to terms with the fact that death can occur at any moment, at any age.


01/24/09 02:51 PM #4    

Becky Thompson (Rhine)

I was living in Germany when Jess let me know that Bill had died. What a shock. My knowledge was delayed, because in those days you did not pick up the phone and call Europe, I was informed by snail mail. Bill was such a special, sweet guy who had always been a wonderful friend. He was my first loss of a friend - since then there have been way too many. There was a girl who lived in Germany the same time I did, Debbie Alley - they lived next door to the Wagstaffs and she was a really close friend, almost like a sister to Bill. I did not know her in Kinston, don't know if any of you did - but I had her to share my grief with, which helped.

02/22/09 11:29 AM #5    

Vicki Harrison (Murray)

I'll never forget that day. I had driven over to Ann Stadiems house and when I got out they met me at the door and told me Bill had died. I thought at first they were pulling some bad practical joke. I refused to believe them. Like everyone else it was my first real loss. I can see him right now in class, always smiling and happy. I am sure he will be smiling down on us at the reunion.

02/26/09 10:15 AM #6    

Ella Whitley (Rodgman)

Bill was the cutest guy. When I look back at our annual and see his beautiful smile it reminds me of what a great guy he was. His death was tragic and for a lot of us we experienced our first loss of a friend. I know he's looking down on us and smiling.

03/15/09 09:04 PM #7    

Betsy Yarborough (Miller)

Waggy and I were in study hall together. We talked all the time and of course I was the one that needed to study! He would help me if I had a problem and he liked to put on my jewelry. One day we were playing around and he asked me if he could wear my pin! Of course I said -YES- so I forgot about the pin! After study hall we had to go to have pictures made on the stage. Guess who was in the picture with Waggy? Jimmy Rochelle spyed the pin and knew exactly who it belonged to! needless to say waggy and I did not forget anymore! Going to his home and meeting his parents broke my heart! I am an only child and it hit me what my parents would be feeling if it had been me. They were so sweet and treated us with such warmth. I was in the office the day that the school received his OK for a full scholarship to Carolina! Wow! Bad DAy! Loved him like a brother.

Betsy Yarborough Miller

04/08/09 03:51 AM #8    

Annie "Ruth" Rouse

Dear Friends,
Bill's loss was tragic. I don't know if I overheard my parents talking as I was waking up; but I knew Bill had died when I woke up. The Christmas Dance was soon after and the mood was sad. I felt guilty about being there and although the evening was lovely could not overcome that feeling. Mr. Wagstaff was a very kind man; not gentle and mischiveous like Bill but a consistently gentle and sensitive man.

This is helpful for me because losing our classmate and friend was hard. I appreciate knowing your feelings and Jimmy I especially liked the pictures in your profile.


09/21/09 06:27 PM #9    

Harry McHugh

Bill was a super nice guy. He was a friend to all. He was always fun to be around. I never heard anything but good about Bill Wagstaff. He was a gentleman and his death was a loss to us all...

04/04/12 04:13 PM #10    

Johnny Kelley

Just thought about you again today

We were told that we were" tone deft" by our 6TH grade music teacher 

so she let us narrate the plays together

U r not forgotten my friend - love you


Smartest kid in school!!!

02/26/19 09:43 PM #11    

Kenny Foscue

I still think of "Waggie" every time I hear Procol Harum's " A Whiter Shade of Pale."

02/26/19 10:55 PM #12    

Diana Shackelford

I will never forget the shock of losing a real friend.  He was a great guy with the kindest heart and so much fun to be around! I can always see his face and feel the pain at his funeral!!   I know he is always with us❤️

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