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Rod Duke

Rod Duke, Attorney at Law, of 1210 Sutton Drive, went to be with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, on Thursday, Jan. 05, 2006. Born May 12, 1951, to the late Marvin Liston and Margaret Taylor Duke, he is survived by his wife, A. J. "Addie" Duke; son Adam Duke of Chapel Hill; daughters, Meredith Duke of Lenoir, N.C., Angie Cooper and husband, Patrick of Sugarloaf Key, Fla., Bobbi Creech and husband, Leo Hageman of Holly Springs; grandchildren, Miles Cooper and Mason Cooper; and brother Cliff Duke and wife, Kathy of Kinston. Mr. Duke was a 1973 cum laude graduate of Wake Forest University and a 1977 cum laude graduate of Wake Forest Law School. He was a trial attorney for 28 years. Rod was a former deacon and elder at First Presbyterian Church, a former officer of Kinston Host Lions Club, former division co-chairman of United Way, and a former director of Lenoir Co. Red Cross. He was also a Youth Football League Coach for 5 years and was named Outstanding Young Man of America in 1983. He was past president of the Lenoir County Bar Association, past president of Eighth Judicial District Bar, past Director of N.C. Association of Defense Attorneys, and is a life member of the National Registry of Who's Who. Rod will be remembered as the best husband, father, granddad, and boss that anyone could ask for.

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01/14/09 03:31 PM #3    

Jimmy Rochelle

Rod and I had pretty good visits at all the reunions except the last one. We kinda kept missing each other. I intended to "catch" up this time.
Life is fleeting!

Miss you buddy! I am gonna tell a few stories on you!

01/19/09 08:15 PM #4    

Ella Whitley (Rodgman)

I actually got to know Rod better after I moved back to Kinston. My husband and Rod practiced law together. We had some good times. Rod, Jane, Paul and I went on a road-trip to Atlanta to see a Braves game. We had some good times.
When Rod remarried Paul and I hosted a party at our home for he and A.J.
Rod was a friend. I miss him.

01/25/09 09:27 AM #5    

Becky Thompson (Rhine)

When we had one of our reunions at the club, Rod and AJ hosted an after party at their home. He and I had ample time for a long visit, and I have always been grateful for that.He was so sweet, so gentle and so kind - his absence at our 40th will create a huge hole.

01/31/09 12:41 PM #6    

John Casey

Roddy God, Was a Great athlete and a very intelligent guy. No one take my nickname for him the wrong way. I think he enjoyed me calling him that. He was a super guy and I think we all miss him!!

03/02/09 11:52 PM #7    

Lou Ellen Wilkie (McWhorter)

My Sr. year Mother had surgery. Mrs. Walker had stopped me in the hall to ask about her and how she was doing. They had been friends since about 1946. Rod was standing close enough to over hear the conversation. When I turned to walk down the hall to class, Rod put his arm across my shoulders and told me not to worry. He knew my Mom would be OK and he was there if I needed a friend. He was always looking out for ways to be a help, but he could tease with the best of them. When he turned to go into his class, he quipped "See Ya, Shorty" and grinned the one that lit up his eyes. You know the one. Gone way too soon, our friend. Wouldn't he be have enjoyed this forum?

03/18/09 12:35 AM #8    

Jimmy Rochelle

Mike Shivar and I talked on the phone while he was driving home from Wilmington the other night. Y'all remember Becky was gonna meet with him.

we talked about a lot of stuff but I shared a thought with him about Rod Duke. Some of you guys may know this but it is one that I have never forgotten and often reflected on in my relationship with my father and my son.

My only year of varsity football at GHS was fall '67 after returning from Augusta Military Academy. I mentioned way back that Rod and Bryan Cobb were checking me out as I was a total unknown.

After preseason practice and as the season progressed I observed that each game night Rod's football shoes looked shiny as new.

At this point Mike and I digressed to talk about Clarence "Bad Eye" Hines who was the shoe man at the Model Art barbershop on Queen Street and later at the Plaza. His slogan was "Get your shoes 'Mirrorized' by Bad Eye." And it was the truth! I'm sure some of you other guys remember what your Weejuns looked like after Bad Eye got through with them.

I finally asked Rod about his shoes.
He told me about a family tradition that his father Marvin had apparently started with Rod's older Brother Cliff and continued through Rod's career as an outstanding player for the Red Devils.

It seems that Marvin ritually prepared his boys' shoes for every game by personally thoroughly cleaning them and putting a first class shine on them!

It may seem trivial but it speaks volumes to me about how the character of A CHILD IS NURTURED BY THE PARENT.

It also,upon reflection, has given me an understanding of where that nature we all remember in Rod was created and it's depth.

Damn I am sad that Rod will not be there to rag me a bit.

05/12/09 11:53 AM #9    

A J Harrison (Duke)

Today Rod would have celebrated his 58th birthday. I sure wish he was still with me to celebrate. This weekend was a big event for the Duke family. Adam, his son, graduated from UNC Law School and got his MPP from Duke University. Oh how proud Rod would be of his son. We all felt his presence in our hearts. He just left us way too soon. My life was so much better because of him. I'm thankful every day for my time with him. I know, you that knew him will miss him greatly when you gather in October. He was such an entertainer and believed in having a good time. His philosophy, as he put it, was this; "It's going to cost you the same thing, so you may as well have a good time". So think of him often and always have a good time every chance you get.

I really don't need to edit this entry. I just wanted to put it out there again. I hope your memories of Rod will always bring a smile to your face. My, how I still miss him!

05/12/09 12:05 PM #10    

Ella Whitley (Rodgman)

Happy Birthday Rod! I am so thankful for the time that I got to know Rod better when he and Paul became law partners. We had some wonderful times together. You are dearly missed.

06/06/09 04:45 AM #11    

Johnny Harvey

As most of you know I was a cheer leader, and never on the real "playing field". Rod, AJ, Cliff and wife, spent a day sailing with me abord "Summr' Fun" Rod and AJ the weekend as we were in Beaufort. I rememeber Rod getting a little tired of my social behavior and a threat he was going to take the boat and anchor out and I could just swim when I tired of the evening social events.

I asked him if he knew how to start the diesel engine, and his response was he would wait.

We became great friends later in life, not that I didn't play 2nd place behind him at Fairfield Park in all sports.

He did have a height and coordination advantage over most of us.

He did leave way toooo soon. A few days before his death, I took to him my very special vegitable soup, which may have been his last tasty meal.

We miss all of you that left too soon.

God bless us all for what we had and what we still have today.


07/13/09 07:50 PM #12    

Jane Wells (Harrison)

We all miss Rod very much, and have wonderful memories. He was a great Dad. I know he would be in the middle of this reunion, having a great time.

I've added pictures of Adam and Meredith Duke on my profile.

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