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It was so fun to see so many of you at the reunion! We'd like to keep the momentum going. 

Many people asked that we try to schedule some times to get together more frequently that just every 5 years. For dinner, for a week-end at the beach, or whatever ....

For the first event, I am thinking, keep it simple. Decide on a date and make reservations at a fun restaurant. I am thinking The Angus Barn in Raleigh - maybe in January or February 2020?

Let me know what you think. Give me some ideas (email to

Hope to see you soon!





Linda Amyette  8/9
Myron Civils  8/10
Mike Shivar  8/12
Joe Garner  8/17
David Parsons  8/17
Rhett Bennett  8/18
Treda Berry  8/19
Bill Ferguson  8/19
Johnny Kelley  8/20
Bruce Akers  8/21
Mary Kelly  8/21
Steve Sutton  8/27
Buddy Creech  8/28
Roger Badrock  8/30